Flower Power: A Florist’s Cottage Can Bloom In The Darkness With Its Flower Power

Cottage Can Bloom In The Darkness
Cottage Can Bloom In The Darkness

Although the interior is minimalistic, one of the most captivating aspects of the cottage is its series of hidden rooms that extend from the modern kitchen and dining area. The living room and the “room without a name” that leads up to the staircase are cozy and charming. They are filled with beautiful natural history items, contemporary art, and antiques.

The striking tiger painting above the sofa is what really grabs attention. Dawson says that this is his father’s painting. He explains that the Indian textile was once displayed in his father’s office as a child. “I was fortunate in that both of my parents collected antiques, travelled a lot, and so I grew-up surrounded with nice things.” Dawson’s mother, Norma founded the Potting Shed over 20 years ago.

The living room was painted in Little Greene’s Knightsbridge, which is a dark brown shade, and paired with black linen blinds. The color scheme is moody and dark, creating a sense of calm. Flamant also made the coffee table and sofa.

The couple has added an upstairs bathroom that is cave-like, in Little Greene’s Lamp Black. Herald had envisioned this room. The rest of the design was inspired by her desire for black taps.

Three bedrooms are available in the cottage. The main bedroom has a headboard-free bed that emphasizes the simplicity of the space. A walnut screen, which is cleverly designed for large windows, is used in the portrait of William Moorcroft.

The cottage’s most striking space is the garden room. Even with all the natural light, it is cozy. Natural materials such as stone, glass and linen dominate this space. Dawson removed the paint from stone tabletops, urns and doors to make everything work together.

Dawson’s parents also passed down the vintage urns. They are now planted with two types of staghorn Fern. Dawson says that the garden room is “our plant hospital.” “Anything that you put there comes back to life.” Dawson says. The large stone table, which was originally a pediment at the building’s entrance, was purchased from an antique dealer in Paris fifteen years ago.

Although the space is very architectural, it feels intimate due to all the beautiful textures and plants that create a cozy atmosphere. It opens onto a patio with box hedging. The greenery here is not affected by the faded appearance of flowers. It is the most beautiful garden of all seasons.