Padma Lakshmi Transforms Pain Into Power

Padma Lakshmi
Padma Lakshmi

Sally asked: “If people don’t know your story then you might look at them and think that you’re living an amazing life.”

“I hope to do so now.. Want to! She laughed.

Before the Emmy nominations and best-selling lists, Lakshmi was humble. She also had to overcome her childhood. “I was born and raised in India. My mother divorced my father when I was two years old. She immigrated to the United States. At the age of four, I joined her and moved here.

“I came to America on Halloween night. I assumed that all you had needed was a funny costume and candy. You can get candy! “

Lakshmi discovered joy and wonder after arriving in America. It doesn’t last. Her life was forever changed at seven years old.

“It happened to a relative of my mother’s second husband. She said that she was sexually abused. “I was sent back home to India for one year and a quarter. My mother defended me and said that she tried her best to get me out as quickly as possible. This was the fastest. She is certain that he will not make this decision in retrospect. “

Lakshmi went back to America and attended Los Angeles high school. A part-time job at a mall was also her opportunity to meet a young man. 16 years old, and I was sexually assaulted. He raped my. He raped me.

This secret was kept by Lakshmi for more than 30 years, until he published the New York Times editorial in 2018.

Lakshmi stated, “When someone robs your innocence, regardless of whether it’s 7 years old or 16 years, when you can’t control you body, it leaves it with lifelong anxiety, which is always something. It doesn’t get out of shape and that is the greatest crime of sexual assault. “

Lakshmi was a teenager when she was severely injured in a car crash. She said, “I broke my hip, my right arm, and metacarpal bone,”