Padma Lakshmi Transforms Pain Into Power

Padma Lakshmi
Padma Lakshmi

Sally asked, “Is it not an exaggeration for Krishna to be a miracle given endometriosis?”

“No doubt. She is a miracle to me. It’s a miracle. Here are some tin foil ears and some rabbit ears. This is not a joke. It’s true! “

This miracle and the mother-daughter bond inspired her to write Tomatoes for Neira, her children’s book.

Sally’s cake surprised even the Top Chef judges. “Have any of you ever had Coca-Cola cake?”

“No,” Lakshmi replied.

There is no pressure Sally said, “I’m a bit nervous.”

Lakshmi sipped it and said: “It is sweet, creamy, with a lot give.”

This is a sweet review by Padma Lakshmi who strives to transform pain into power and empower others.

She said, “I’m an honest person.” “I have lived my life because there is nothing to hide. And to young women, regardless of whether you are a late starter or an experienced person, it’s okay. It’s okay. Sometimes, you just have to get up and dust off so that you can keep moving. “