The Best Places to Travel Alone

There are many adventures waiting to be discovered around the world. Perhaps you’re traveling solo because you don’t have any friends to go with you or because you prefer solitude over traveling in groups.

Perhaps you have a personal list of places that you want to visit and are struggling to find a travel partner with the same passion. These destinations are open to single travelers in any case.

The Best Places to Travel Alone


Australia is an ideal destination for anyone who wants to experience a wide range of adventure. This country is popular for solo travel by women. Australia offers many options for solo travelers, from sunny beaches and snorkeling to big city excitement. There are many options for renting rooms or private apartments in Australia, so you can save money while traveling and still live comfortably.


Solo travelers will find Thailand a friendly place. Bangkok is a great place to solo travel. However, you’ll soon discover that you won’t feel lonely for long because of the amazing people you’ll meet. You can also enjoy beautiful temples and incredible walking trails in this country.


There are many great experiences in Tanzania that can be had by a solo traveler. While a safari is an absolute must, there are other amazing adventures such as trekking Kilimanjaro. There are many companies offering group trips to both places. The people living there are warm and welcoming. They will make you feel right at home.


Individuals who travel alone will find Ireland a great country. There is no language barrier, so it is common for women to travel alone. Strangers can be friendly and people from Ireland will gladly help you if you have any questions or need direction. Enjoy the stunning scenery of Ireland and make sure you visit some pubs.


Japan is a beautiful country with rich experiences. Japan’s people are known for being friendly and welcoming, so you won’t have any trouble finding help if needed. You can visit temples or museums and enjoy the delicious, healthy, light cuisine.


Spain is another great place for solo travelers. Most hotels offer reasonable rates for solo travelers, but this is not true in all countries. Spain offers a wide range of short and long-term study vacations. This makes it a great country to travel alone if you are interested in learning.

Solo travel is a great way to learn about yourself and develop confidence. If you want to discover more about the world and have an unforgettable trip with your loved one, consider visiting at least one of these locations.